Daniel Merriam

If Hieronymus Bosch took the blue pill instead and sat down to a mad hatters tea party with Marie Antoinette, a hookah-smoking Caterpillar & a couple of unicorns you may just open the curtain into Daniel Merriam’s theatre fantastic. A Master American Surrealist painter, his worlds speak to those of us who adored the movie The Labyrinth and found ourselves asking, Why the hell wouldn’t she stay with the Goblin King? It’s firmly the territory of a child’s bubblegum mind.

my new favorite!!


Night of the Hunter - Charles Laughton and Robert Mitchum


A one-off by an actor who was chilly toward children and was known to be somewhat self-involved — and he created a masterpiece.

Robert Mitchum as one of the scariest villains I’ve ever seen pictured with the children he helped direct:

Click here, or on the picture below, for wonderful insight into Night of the Hunter by Roger Ebert:

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